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Air Quality

Air Quality


A healthy indoor environment is one in which the surroundings contribute to productivity, comfort, and a sense of heath and well being. Good air quality is an important component of a healthy indoor environment. It enhances occupant health, comfort, and workplace productivity.

We’ve all heard the popular complaint that you feel sick at work, but nowhere else. Maybe you chalk it up to allergies, that the maintenance staff hasn’t dusted in a while, or that the company just doesn’t clean as well as it used to. The truth is, there is a very real possibility that your building itself may be sick – and the only way to know for sure is to have your indoor air quality tested.


  • Review of existing information about complaints

  • Inspect system layout, condition, and operation

  • Measurement of temperature/humidity/carbon dioxide

  • Measurement of pressure differentials

  • Observation and Measurement of air flow patterns

  • Sample collection and measurement of contaminants (microbiological, chemical, etc.)

  • Provide recommendations for mitigation including source control/ventilation/air cleaning/exposure control


  • Objective Third Party Evaluation

  • Thorough Building, Workspace, and HVAC Inspection

  • Accurate Air Quality Measurements

  • Useful Summary Reports

  • Timely-Cost Effective Service

  • Risk Management

Costs of services depends on site location, time on site, number of personnel, and quantity of services required. Please call (904) 206-0861 or email today for a free estimate.

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