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Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene

Sampling and Analysis - Workplace Exposure Assessments

OSHA has mandated permissible exposure limits for certain air contaminant exposures.  OSHA requires employers to maintain accurate records of employee exposure to potentially toxic materials. Professional Industrial Hygiene Services, Inc. reduces the risk of impaired health resulting from inhalation of toxic chemicals by assessing workers exposure to chemical, physical, and biological agents and providing guidance to gain control of workplace exposures.

Industrial Hygiene Surveys

Initial and periodic monitoring of internal environments, chemical, physical, biological, and ergonomic concerns provide current and timely feedback to management on how effective programs, controls and procedures are functioning.

Safety Inspections and Audits

Periodic inspections can identify and correct potential safety problems before they occur. We offer the following sampling and evaluation services:

  • Asbestos

  • Silica

  • Solvents/Vapors

  • Hexavalent Chromium

  • Toxic Metals

  • Mold Detection/Remediation

  • Bacteria

  • Hearing Conservation

  • Heat Stress

  • Exposure Assessment

Costs of services depends on site location, time on site, number of personnel, and quantity of services required. Please call (904) 206-0861 or email today for a free estimate.

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