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Risk Management

Risk Management


The intent of the EPA's Risk Management Program Rule is to prevent accidental releases into the air and mitigate the consequences of such releases by focusing prevention measures on chemicals that pose the greatest risk to the public and the environment.

A risk management program includes a hazard assessment, a prevention program, and an emergency response program. The risk management program must be described in a risk management plan (RMP) that must be registered with EPA, submitted to state and local authorities, and made available to the public.


Risk Management Programs are designed to provide facilities with a standard method of risk assessment and release estimating in regards to the storage and use of volatile hazardous materials as well as an organized prevention and management program.


Professional Industrial Hygiene Services, Inc. assists facilities that store and use certain volatile hazardous substances, such as anhydrous ammonia, chlorine, propane, etc., in assessing prevention programs in order to ensure that the use of those hazardous substances do not present an unacceptable risk to employees, community, and environment.



  • Trained and Experienced Staff

  • Confidential Independent Third Party Audit

  • PIHS Inc. Prepares Your Facility for State Audit

  • Cost Effective & Time Saving Service

  • Fast Turn Around

  • Summary Report with "Action Item List"

Costs of services depends on site location, time on site, number of personnel, and quantity of services required. Please call (904) 206-0861 or email today for a free estimate.

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