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Process Safety

Process Safety


The major objective of process safety is to prevent unwanted releases of hazardous chemicals, especially into locations that could expose employees and others to serious hazards.



Process safety management (PSM) is the proactive identification, evaluation, mitigation, or prevention of chemical releases that could occur as a result of failures in processes, procedures, or equipment. To control these types of hazards, employers need to develop the necessary expertise, experience, judgment, and initiative within the workforce to properly implement and maintain an effective PSM program as envisioned in the OSHA standard.


Professional Industrial Hygiene Services, Inc. prepares effective process safety management programs and provides necessary support for all PSM required elements.

PSM Required Elements:

  • Process Safety Information

  • Equipment in the Process

  • Process Hazard Analysis

  • Operating Procedures

  • Employee Training

  • Pre-Startup Safety Review

  • Mechanical Integrity

  • Management of Change Procedures

  • Incident Investigation

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Compliance Audits


  • Trained and Experienced Staff

  • Cost Effective & Time Saving Service

  • AutoCad Process Flow Diagrams

  • Digital Photo Documentation

  • Fast Turn Around of Documents/Software

  • Editable PSM Program CD

  • Field Verified Equipment Data

  • Verified Process Inventory

Costs of services depends on site location, time on site, number of personnel, and quantity of services required. Please call (904) 206-0861 or email today for a free estimate.

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